4 Top Tips to Keep Your Gutters Clean and Functioning

4 Top Tips to Keep Your Gutters Clean and Functioning

With gutters, it can feel like an endless cycle of maintenance. After pushing it off for a long time, you finally get them cleaned, but it’s only a matter of days before you see that they’re filling up again. Before you know it, by the next bout of rain you once again find your gutters too clogged up to handle the downpour. Well, it doesn’t have to be like this! Here are just four quick tips from experts to keep your gutters clean, functioning, and well-maintained.

This blog discusses some of the easiest ways to keep your gutters in good condition. If you’re looking for a professional roof plumber to sort your gutters, reach out to O’Boyles today.


Why Keep Your Gutters Clean?

We all know that gutters are an essential piece of our home’s structure. It’s their job to manage the flow of rain during heavy storms or downpours, property your property and ensure that no devastating damage is done to your roof during these times. Having poorly maintained gutters prevents them from doing what they were built to do. As your gutters fill with leaves or other natural debris, they get clogged up, and you risk damage to your house as a result of water build up. Beyond that, the accumulation of debris in your gutter can make it a breeding ground for bacteria, rodents, and other unwanted pests.

So, here are our top ways you can avoid anything like this happening in the future:

Tip 1: Monitor with Regular Cleaning (Or Hire a Professional)

The easiest way to keep your gutter clean is, simply, to clean it. It’s essential that you get yourself into a scheduled rhythm with your gutters, taking note of how long it takes for them to accumulate leaves or anything else and building a routine way to regularly get up there and clean them out. Don’t wait for things to get out of hand, but let yourself be consistently on top of the situation and keep your gutters in top condition. An even simpler way to go about it is to hire a professional roof plumber who can come in and sort the situation out for you – thoroughly and with invaluable expertise.

Tip 2: Prevent Blockages by Removing Nearby Tree Branches

If you find that your gutters seem to get blocked at an unnaturally fast rate, there’s a good chance that a particular source is causing you trouble. If there are any trees nearby to your gutters, or hanging directly above them, then often they will be quick to clog, due to the amount of leaves regularly falling in. Sometimes, keeping your gutter cleaner can be as easy as finding the main source of your blockages and removing the branch. Just like that, your gutters will demand far less maintenance.

Tip 3: Install Gutter Guards

For many homeowners, gutter guards are an effective solution to their ongoing gutter blockage problems. Sometimes referred to as gutter screens, shields, or helmets, the guards work to cover your gutters just enough to prevent debris from entering. Naturally, they can then significantly reduce the amount of cleaning and maintenance required in the long term, saving valuable time and money.

Tip 4: Repair Your Roof at the First Sign of Damage

A small problem can very easily become something more serious. One of the best tips we have for homeowners is to handle damage the moment you notice it. If there are any issues with your gutters or roof, it is absolutely imperative that you call a professional and get things sorted as soon as you can. Investing in good gutter repair services can make a world of difference in keeping your gutters functioning. The last thing you need is damage down the road to hurt the wallet – especially when it easily could have been prevented.

Need Extra Assistance with Your Gutters or Roof Plumbing?


Gutters are integral to your house, and in turn it is essential that you take the time to keep them in the best condition possible. Just these four solutions can make a significant difference in the amount of ongoing maintenance required for your gutters, keeping them clean and functioning to avoid any serious damage done to your house. If you need any help cleaning, repairing, or assessing the condition of your gutters, O’Boyles is the local Melbourne team for you.

Check out our services on offer, or reach out to enquire about a specific job you need done. Reliable, experienced, and eager to help – O’Boyles is the roof plumbing team you need on your side. Call us today to make a booking and get your gutters in order.

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