Roof Sheet Profiles

Metal roofing comes in many shapes and sizes. Find the best roof for your needs.

At O’Boyles, we have a range of metal roof sheet profiles that are suited to different building applications. Our team of installation technicians are all highly experienced roof plumbers, and we can recommend and install the right roof for any home or commercial premises.

We have a range of roof sheeting options from the highest quality Australian manufacturers, including Bluescope, Colorbond, Zincalume, and Fielders. We choose our products for their quality, longevity, and their commitment to providing industry leading metal roofing.

See our range of metal roofing profiles below.

We are proud suppliers of Colorbond.

S-Rib Corrugated

The S-Rib Corrugated roof sheet profile is very popular for both domestic and industrial applications. It suits a broad range of applications and is available in a wide range of colours.

The corrugated design provides excellent water drainage as well as an attractive look that suits many different building types and architectural styles. Some features of the S-Rib Corrugated roof profile include:

  • • Extremely versatile
  • • Available in three gauges
  • • Available in a wide range of colours

TL5 / Trimdek

The Square ridges and capillary design of the TL5 roof sheet profile make it economical and easy to install for a number of different applications, including roofing and wall cladding.

Trimdek roof sheeting can be installed down to a two-degree roof pitch. Some features of the TL5 roof profile include:

  • • Ideal for short-span roofing
  • • Can be used for steel wall panelling or cladding
  • • Quick and easy to install

KingKlip / Klip-Lok

The KingKlip roof profile has a unique design that allows installation without any penetrations of the roof sheet. Screws are used to attach clip towers to the roof beams and the roof sheet attaches to the clip towers without any penetrations.

The KingKlip design prevents leaks from developing over time because of roof sheet penetrations. Some features of the KingKlip roof profile include:

  • • Unique design eliminates roof sheet penetrations
  • • Fast, precise installations
  • • Ideal for large scale roofing

Spanform / Spandek

The Spanform roof profile is similar in appearance to the traditional corrugated design. However, the higher, square ribs provide greater strength and durability.

The Spanform design makes it suitable to walk on as well as for use as walling. Some of the features of the Spanform roof profile include:

  • • Greater trafficability for roof access
  • • Suitable for roofing and walling
  • • Available in Colorbond and Zincalume

O’Boyles metal roofing installation

At O’Boyles, we provide the highest quality metal roofing products and installation services. Our team of roof plumbers can inspect your premises and recommend the ideal roofing solution for your needs, along with a detailed written quote.


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