Yearly Roof Assessments are a Necessity, Not a Luxury

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Benefits of yearly roof assessmentsDamage to a roof can occur in a variety of ways, from hailstorms, branches and extreme winds, to wildlife, faulty gutters and poor maintenance. Past repairs that have not been carried out properly can also damage a roof, as can shrinkage and the build-up of debris

Even a small amount of damage to a non-metal roof can spread quickly and end up requiring extensive repairs. The problem is compounded because roof damage often occurs and results in significant damage long before a home or business owner is aware that a problem even exists.

When a gutter is not working properly, the water builds up instead of draining, and begins pushing up under the roofing. The underlying wood gets damp and provides a perfect breeding ground for black mould. It also weakens the integrity of the underlying wood structure and can result in the need to repair that as well as the roof.

In traditional roofs, water can cause damage when it leaks under shingles and drips or spreads, weakens the structure and eventually reaches lower floors where it can seep into drywall and electrical outlets. Wood and insulation can grow mould in as little as 24-48 hours.

Any time a roof sustains damage, it also opens the door to infestations of insects like termites and beetles. Depending on the amount of damage that has occurred, it can also allow various types of wildlife to move in.

Roof damage is often undetectable until it has caused considerable damage. To try and catch any problem in its earliest stages, it’s a good idea to schedule an assessment by a roof plumber every year. Doing so will ensure that homes and businesses are not left with an expensive and unwanted surprise.

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