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Why Roof Gutter Repair Is Important

What is one of the most neglected features of a house? Gutters. It’s easy to understand why – they’re all that way up and mostly out of sight. And if rainwater isn’t gushing down the side of the house, they must be fine, right? In actual fact, gutters do need periodic maintenance to ensure they continue to function well.

Many people overlook the important role gutters play, but they are fundamental to protecting your house by channelling water away from the house. Investing the time and money for regular maintenance will reduce the safety risk to your home and its residents, and save you money in the future.

General care of your gutters can be undertaken if you have the resources and can do it safely. However, sometimes gutters require prompt and extensive maintenance that needs experienced workers. O’Boyles Roofing can do minor or major gutter repairs to help keep them doing their job properly.

Why Are Gutters Required?

If water is allowed to gather on the roof or at the foundations of the house, significant damage can result. This is where gutters come in. They collect water that hits the roof and runs to the side, moving it to the downpipes, were the water is then directed away from the house.

If they are faulty, the water can have nowhere to go and can accumulate on the roof, or pour over the side, potentially causing issues on its way down and pooling at the foundations of the house.

Moreover, the actual gutter itself can become so badly damaged if not regularly cared for or if issues are not promptly dealt with that they can cost a lot more to fix. Faulty gutters can also pose a huge safety risk to people below.

Common Problems That Require Gutter Repair

Because of the rigorous job gutters do, a variety of issues can result. Some of the most common problems are:


A lot of debris can fall on a roof – branches, leaves, the neighbour’s cricket ball. As you can imagine, if these build up in the gutters and downpipes, water cannot flow freely.


When it comes to water transportation, the last thing you want is a leak. This can be in the form of wear and tear because of rust, debris and falling objects, water or wind. Leaks can also develop when joints become weak or loose. Taking care of issues causing leaks while they are small can mean the difference between a simple job and a complex, more costly repair if it is left to expand.

Sagging And Loosening

With time, gutters can begin to sag or move away from the roof. Whether this is caused by age or external forces such as a storm, these issues can lead to reduced effectiveness, breakages, leaks, and injury risk if they fall.

What Does Gutter Repair Involve?

Assessing the state of your gutters should occur regularly. Every three months is ideal, or twice a year at a minimum. Maintenance can include:

  • Removing debris and dirt.
  • Resecuring or replacing the straps that keep the gutter in place.
  • Sealing and patching up holes and leaks.
  • Replacing fasteners.
  • Replacing sagging gutters.

House Maintenance Should Involve Regular Gutter Care And Repair

Although regular assessment and maintenance can be simple and help to avoid more complex repairs, even this can be dangerous work as it generally involves the use of ladders, and potentially requires accessing the rooftop. Subsequently, it is highly beneficial to involve experienced repairers, no matter what state the gutters may be in.
Investing in assistance can truly make a difference, helping to avoid unexpected bills in emergencies, unsafe situations, and long-term damage to your house.

O’Boyles Roofing are experienced in gutter maintenance and repair, providing prompt and efficient service when you require it. We can help to minimise long-term issues and fix up bigger problems should they arise. Contact us to find out how we can help you, and to request a quote.


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