Answered: What to do When My Roof Starts Leaking?

Your roof is your home’s first defence against the elements, and when it starts to leak, you should take action immediately. If left untreated, a leaky roof can cause serious damage inside your home, leading to costly repairs.

This article will help you learn more about the reasons and signs of a leaking roof and what to do when you identify a leak. If you want a professional to repair your roof, contact the O’Boyles team today!

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Reasons for a Leaking Roof

A roof leak may appear due to sudden damage or develop over an extended period of time. Here are some of the most common reasons why a roof may develop a leak:

–   Old age. An old roof can break down, compromising the structural integrity or waterproofing. When this occurs, water may leak through the old and disintegrating materials.

–   Clogged gutters. If your gutters are clogged with leaves and debris, this can affect or completely block the gutter drainage. When the water has nowhere to go, it may be forced to travel onto your roof, and this could trigger a roof leak.

–   Damaged skylight or vents. Damage to the features on your roof could cause leaking. Cracks, damaged seals or seams, or rust could be to blame.

–   Poorly installed roof. If a professional did not install your roof, your roof membrane or sarking might be compromised, which is another common cause of leaks.

–   Weather damage. Your roof is responsible for sheltering your home during adverse weather or storms. Hail, falling branches or strong winds could cause roof damage that results in leaking.

Signs of a Leaking Roof

While puddles of water are a clear indicator of a leaking roof, some other signs are much more subtle. Here are some of the main signs your roof is leaking:  


If your ceiling is leaking or water is dripping from your roof, this is the most obvious sign of a roof leak. If you see these signs, you should urgently prioritise roof repairs.


Water stains on your walls, ceilings, house exterior or roof corners may indicate a roof leak. Despite not being as apparent as dripping water, these water stains could be caused by a significant leak.


If you can see damage to your roof, it is important to check whether the roof is leaking. Moreover, algae, moss or mould on the exterior walls could suggest a leak.

What to do When Your Roof is Leaking

1. Clear the area. If your roof starts leaking, you should immediately clear the furniture, electronics and belongings within the affected area.

2. Contain the water. Place buckets under the leaks to collect the water and prevent floor damage.

3. Clean up the water. You should then clean up any water to avoid it from causing mould or stains. It may be helpful to use a fan or dryer to clear the area. Airing out the room can also prevent stale smells.

4. Call a licensed roof plumber. Finally, call a professional and licensed roof plumber for quality, reliable repairs.

Book a Professional Roof Plumber

If you’re looking for a professional roof plumbing team to repair your leaking roof, contact us today. Based in Diamond Creek, we service homes across the north, south, east and west of Melbourne. All of our roofing installers are licensed plumbers as required for compliance with Victorian Building Authority regulations, and we have over 30 years’ experience working on Melbourne roofs. The O’Boyles Roof Plumbing team can assist with every aspect of roof plumbing.  

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