The Importance of Quality Roof Plumbing

Investing in quality roof plumbing is an important part of property construction and maintenance. If your roof plumbing isn’t installed properly or if it becomes broken, it can cause significant damage to your home.

Problems caused by poor roof plumbing

1. Ceiling damage

When water doesn’t drain off the roof properly, it can leak into the crawl space. Eventually, it builds up and makes its way through your ceiling. Stained ceilings and damp patches can be caused by this internal water damage.

In severe cases, it can cause the ceiling to sag or break. This damage should be treated urgently, as it may present a structural risk to your dwelling.

Older homes with tiles are typically more susceptible because of the wear and tear the roof plumbing has endured over time. If a new home has poorly installed roof plumbing though, the same damage can occur.

2. Mildew and mould

Roof plumbing helps to prevent leaks forming or water entering your roof space. As well as damaging the ceiling, a wet crawl space can develop mould and mildew. They are potentially harmful to your health and can exacerbate respiratory health conditions including asthma.   

When your roof plumber has correctly installed your roof system, water and moisture will not develop and the mould and mildew are preventable.

3. Blocked and dysfunctional gutters

To function properly, your roof plumbing must allow water to flow through your gutters.  If not installed properly, water and other matter can build up in your gutters, causing damage. Your gutters should be cleaned and inspected at least once per year to avoid costly damage and checked regularly for gutter repair or replacement needs.

4. Structural damage

Water damage can lead to significant structural damage that is dangerous and expensive to fix. The built-up stagnant water can rot timber, and this leads to weakness in the structural integrity of your home.

Looking for a roof plumber in Melbourne?

It is important to invest in quality roof plumbing services so that serious damage is avoided. All of our O’Boyles roof plumbers are licensed and abide by strict Victorian Building Authority regulations.

For roof plumbing on your new or existing property, call us on 03 9998 2170!

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