The Importance of Gutter and Downpipe Maintenance

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Importance of Gutter RepairsRoof gutters do more than make a structure look stylish. They perform important functions that help keep homes dry, yards looking nice, and foundations dry. Mark O’Boyle, owner of O’Boyle’s Roof Plumbing, noted that many clients wait too long before having their gutters checked and repaired and it’s a mistake that can lead to expensive repairs.

Gutters last for many years, but eventually they begin to rust, flake and leak. If installation wasn’t performed properly or regular maintenance lapses, they can even tear away from the home or business. O’Boyle’s works with gutters made of Colorbond®, Zincalume® BlueSteel and galvanized in all colors and styles for new installations or to repair existing systems for residential, commercial, and historical structures.

Rain gutters are designed to extend just beyond the edge of a roof to collect runoff and channel it away from the home or business through a downspout. When water drips directly down off a roof, it’s uncomfortable for people entering or exiting the building and precipitation enters the ground next to foundations, basements and crawl spaces. Gutter repairs alleviate those problems.

That moisture erodes soil around the structure, can leak into basements, be absorbed by concrete walls and floors, and cause foundations to crack as the ground becomes saturated and dries out. The situation provides an environment where fungus and bacteria can grow and flourish. It can also lead to excess moisture collecting on windows that damages window frames and structures.

A defective gutter system allows water to enter under the edges of the roof and be blown under roofing materials where it results in wood rot that compromises the integrity of the structure. Gutters are beneficial even in areas that get little rainfall. When it does rain, sun and wind-dried surfaces eagerly soak up available moisture.

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