Eco-Friendly Benefits of Choosing Metal Roofing for Your Home

The Eco-Friendly Benefits of Choosing Metal Roofing for Your Home

If you’re in the market for a new roof, you’re probably thinking about what material to choose. Metal roofing? COLORBOND®? And then there are colours to consider as well! While there are many options out there, metal roofing is becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners. Not only is it durable and long-lasting, but it’s also eco-friendly— something that’s only becoming more important as time goes on. Metal roofing is a sustainable choice that can help reduce your carbon footprint and save you money on energy bills, so if you’re debating roofing materials, this may just be the one for you.

This article explores the eco-friendly benefits of choosing metal roofing for your home. For personalised advice, contact our team at O’Boyles Roofing today.

What Is Metal Roofing?

Metal roofing is a type of roofing material made from various types of metals, including steel, aluminium, copper, and zinc. It is becoming increasingly popular due to its durability, longevity, and energy efficiency, as well as its eco-friendly properties.

Metal roofing is known for its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, including heavy rain and strong winds, making it a great choice for Australian households. Plus, it requires minimal maintenance over its lifespan— always a benefit for busy homeowners!

Metal roofing is available in a variety of colours and styles, making it a versatile option for a wide range of architectural designs. Metal roofing can be installed on both residential and commercial buildings and is a popular choice for both new construction and retrofitting projects.

Embrace Sustainability With Metal Roofing

Metal roofing plays a role in your home’s energy usage, which in turn makes an impact on the environment. It does this by:

1. Saving Energy

Metal roofing has the ability to reflect heat away from your home, making this one of its most significant advantages. Despite heating up faster and feeling warmer to the touch, metal roofing is an excellent choice for homeowners as it can make your home feel as comfortable as possible.

Consider how much you rely on your air conditioner during the summer months. Then, think about the electricity it consumes. Eek! As the cost of living, including our electricity bills, continues to rise, saving money anywhere we can is only becoming more and more important.

Opting for a metal roof can significantly reduce your environmental impact and your bills at the same time. With less energy consumption, fewer greenhouse gases are emitted, lessening your effect on the atmosphere and your wallet. In Australia, most commercially available metal roofs feature special reflective coatings that increase their reflectivity, making them even more efficient at reflecting heat away, especially under the intense sun we feel during the summer (and even at other times of the year— thanks, Aussie sun!).

2. Being Low-Maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial for preserving the appearance of tiled or shingled roofs, often involving significant scrubbing and water usage. While this often makes your roof look great, it can be hazardous without proper protection and safety measures.

Enter metal roofing! This is a highly durable and low-maintenance option, with fewer nooks and crannies for mould and algae to take root. With proper installation, a metal roof can easily last up to 50 years, requiring minimal maintenance throughout all of its lifespan. And as Australia is prone to drought, we know just how much every drop of water counts. This makes metal roofing a water-saving feature, especially for larger houses that require frequent roof maintenance. Plus, metal roofing lasts longer than tiled roofs, reducing the need for frequent re-roofing and minimising waste.

3.  Using Recyclable Sheets

Although metal roofing lasts longer than tiles or shingles, it is not indestructible, and replacement may eventually be necessary. However, the question then arises: what happens to the old roofing material?

Unfortunately, most old roofing materials end up in landfill, contributing to the estimated 40% of waste that ends up in Australian landfills. However, sustainable materials can reduce landfill waste significantly. Again, metal roofing is here to save the day— and our tips! Metal roofing is 100% recyclable, meaning that when it comes time to replace the metal roof, it won’t end up in a landfill. Instead, it can be melted down and reused, decreasing the amount of waste sitting in tips around the country. With metal roofing, you can rest assured your old metal roof can be given a second life and help another Aussie family save on their bills and help the environment.

4. Saving Water

Water is one of our most precious resources, so saving every drop possible is key. Metal roofing requires minimal maintenance, including cleaning, meaning you won’t need to use as much water to keep it clean as you would with traditional riled or shingled roofs. Whether we’re in an official drought or not, it’s always important to save water whenever and wherever we can, so starting at home is always a great idea.

Get Metal Roofing In Melbourne With O’Boyles Roofing

If you’re planning on replacing your old roof, consider going green with a metal roof. Not only will it make your home look sleek and modern, but it’s also a sustainable choice that will help reduce your environmental impact. And that’s not all! With a metal roof, you’ll save water, decrease landfill waste, and even save money on your electricity bill. It’s like hitting the jackpot of sustainability! So, let’s make a difference together and choose a roofing material that’s both durable and eco-friendly. Contact our team at O’Boyles Roofing to get started on your metal roofing journey and help build a cleaner, greener future for our planet and our people.


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