Difference between roof plumber, roof contractor and roofer

The Difference Between a Roof Plumber, Roof Contractor, And a Roofer

The roof of a building may be easy to take for granted, but it is an integral part that must be cared for. Even a minor weakness may lead to catastrophic results. Subsequently, relevant and timely assessment, maintenance, installation, and repair services can be required to promote a roof’s longevity, safety, and effective functioning.

There is a wide variety of issues or improvements that may need to be focused on to have a roof that is in optimum working order. For this reason, different roles cover the services required. From roof plumbers to roof contractors to roofers, there is someone skilled in the area specific to your needs.

Understanding the differences between these roles can be beneficial so you can contact the right person for the services you require. Find out what the differences between a roof plumber, a roof contractor, and a roofer are with this handy guide.

What Does a Roof Plumber Do?

A roof plumber deals with roof-related plumbing. They work with drainage, water supply, and sewage systems, like a general plumber does, but they focus on the plumbing that is linked to external water management and rainwater drainage.

Some services that O’Boyles’ qualified and experienced roof plumbers offer include:

  • Fitting and maintenance of roof drainage systems, such as downpipes and gutters.
  • Assessment and identification of leaks.
  • Leak repairs.
  • Gutter cleaning and maintenance.
  • Installation of water-based fire protection systems.
  • Planning and installation of water tanks.
  • Installation and maintenance of roof flashings and sheets.
  • Installation and maintenance of wall cladding.
  • Installation and maintenance of gas equipment, pressure-regulating devices, and flues.

What Does a Roof Contractor Do?

A roof contractor’s role has some overlap with a roof plumber’s role. For example, they may install water management features such as gutters. However, they generally work on larger scale roof projects rather than specialised plumbing services. Roofing contractors are typically set up as a company or agency rather than an individual role.

Some services a roof contractor may offer include:

  • Design and installation of entire roofs.
  • Reroofing.
  • Chimney work.
  • Roof repairs.

What Does a Roofer Do?

The work of roofers is more generalised than that of roof plumbers and roof contractors, and their projects are often smaller. Subsequently, they often do not hold similar qualifications or meet the same licensing regulations. It is important to ensure they are skilled and covered to perform the tasks you require.

Some services that a roofer may offer include:

  • Gutter cleaning and unblocking.
  • Simple roof repairs, such as tile replacements.
  • Installation of roof ventilation.

Questions to Ask When Deciding Between a Roof Plumber, a Roof Contractor, and a Roofer

It can be difficult to know what type of roof-related worker is appropriate for your specific needs. To narrow it down, ask yourself these questions:

What Is Your Issue or Requirement?

Is the problem, maintenance, or installation you need related to plumbing, large-scale roofing projects, or generalised roof repairs?

What Are Their Credentials?

Roof-related work must be carried out to a high standard to reduce the risks involved and to obtain reliable outcomes. Subsequently, when making enquiries regarding roofing services, it can be beneficial to check qualifications, licensing, insurance, and reputation.

What is The Quote For The Work You Require?

As there is an overlap with some services offered by roof plumbers, roof contractors, and roofers, you may find that one can provide the option you need at a more suitable price than another. It may be worth acquiring more than one quote to assess the possibilities.

O’Boyles For Your Roof Plumbing Needs

When it comes to jobs related to roofs, it can be easy to be confused by the overlaps and differences. To create further uncertainty, the term roofer is often used as a blanket description for any roof-related work.

If you need roof maintenance, repairs, or installations, it can be helpful to consider the specifics. If it is water and plumbing-related, our experienced and qualified roof plumbers are likely to be who you require.

Please feel free to call us to discuss the options that may be relevant to your requirements and preferences. We are happy to talk through your needs and determine whether our services are suitable for you.


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