The benefits of hiring a professional to repair and restore your roof

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Hiring a professional to work on your roof isn’t just something that should be done by those with a fear of heights. The benefits of roof cleaning and maintenance go way beyond removing leaves from gutters. Get the right work done regularly and you could protect the life of your roof. Choose not to, and you could void the warranty on your roof or provide insurance companies with a ready-made excuse for not paying a claim.

Roof under warranty? Check the fine print. hiring a professional to repair and restore your roof

Most roofs have long – sometimes lifetime – warranties. But you really should check the fine print. When you do, you’ll find that in many cases, in order to ensure the warranty remains valid, you must keep your roof well maintained. That includes keeping on top of things like fungus, mould, lichen and algae. Compared to the potential long-term cost of a voided warranty, the cost of roof cleaning is very small.

Are you really insured?

When it rains, sometimes it pours – through your roof. But don’t just assume your insurance company will pay for any damage. Poor workmanship, clogged-up gutters and a general lack of maintenance could all be reasons for your insurance company to decline your claim. Give your roof regular care and attention and you won’t give them the chance.

Avoid costly mistakes

Roof cleaning isn’t just about putting on some non-slip shoes and standing on top of the world looking fearless. It’s also about making sure you choose the right chemicals. Select the wrong ones for your roof type, and you could be making a costly mistake that might damage your roof. There’s a good reason why roof cleaning is a service offered by professionals. So why take the risk?

Look after it. It won’t last forever.

Paying for roof cleaning, maintenance and roof repairs is much cheaper than making a meaty investment in a new roof. Keep your roof clean and well maintained, and your roof should last longer. Conversely if you never do anything to your roof, you just might wake up one day to a nasty surprise. Remember, replacing a roof is an expensive business.

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