Should I Replace or Repair My Roof?

Should I Replace or Repair my Roof?

Can’t decide whether to repair or replace your roof? Consider the questions below and consult your local expert Melbourne roof plumbers at O’Boyle’s Roof Plumbing!

When your roof is compromised, it can cause serious damage to your dwelling. Fixing water damage, animal infestation or structural damage is expensive and can cause homes to be uninhabitable.

If you have damage on your roof, consider the following questions to help you decide whether to patch up the damage with roof repair or opt for a complete replacement.

1. Roof Age

How old is your roof? Asphalt roofs last between 15 and 20 years, while metal roofing can last much longer. If you experience recurrent damage to your brand-new roof, you should certainly contact your installer and enquire about warranties. If your roof is coming to the end of its life cycle however, it may be time to upgrade!

2. Degree of Damage

Is the damage to your roof isolated to one area, or are there small patches of damage across the entire structure? If you have to repair several areas, a replacement may be a better option as it will avoid escalating costs from repeated repairs.

3. Your Budget

Roofing can be expensive, and the installation can add additional labour costs. While a replacement may involve a greater sum upfront, the cost of repeated repairs could cumulative, eventually costing more. It is important to consider the long-term effects; should I repair my roof now if I am going to replace it next year, or should I invest in a full re-roofing service now?

4. The Gutters

Do your gutters also need repairs? If your answer is yes, it may be more effective and affordable to completely remove your current roofing set up and start again. If not, repairs may be sufficient.

5. Time Constraints

Are you in a rush to get your roof fixed? If so, a simple repair may be enough to save your home from damage. If you have time, however, you should get a roofer to inspect the current condition and complete a replacement if it’s needed.

Contact O’Boyle’s Plumbing for Expert Help by a Local Team

For more information about whether to repair or replace your roof, contact the experienced O’Boyles team in Melbourne on 03 9998 2170. We can assess the condition of your roof and help you make an informed decision. 

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