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Roof Repairs in MelbourneRoofs can begin to leak for any number of reasons. O’Boyle’s Roof Plumbing, have noted that roof damage often goes unnoticed until significant damage has already occurred.

Damage and the need for roof repairs has a myriad of causes encompassing hail, old or poorly installed gutter systems, punctures from branches, and a build-up of debris on the roof or in the gutters. Other sources of damage include shrinkage, lack of regular maintenance, and improper installations. By the time the owner observes that there’s a problem, extensive damage to the roof and underlying structure has already taken place.

O’Boyle’s specializes in metal roofing materials of Australian BlueScope Steel, Colorbond®, and Zincalume®. Most individuals view roof repairs in terms of the need for a completely new roof, but the majority of everyday roof problems can be solved by simply repairing the damaged area.

One of the biggest mistakes that home and business owners make is not calling a roof plumber the minute they realize there’s a leak. Procrastination only allows a leak to get bigger, causes more damage to the underlying structure, and increases the ultimate cost of the roof repair. The same is true if a gutter system is the source of the damage by not allowing water to drain properly.

Water that enters a damaged roof degrades the surrounding roof materials, underlying wood structures and insulation before it reaches lower levels where it can seep into electrical outlets and drywall. The resulting dampness provides an environment where fungus and bacteria can begin to flourish in as little as 24-48 hours.

The growth of bacteria and fungus places the health of everyone that enters the building at risk, especially children, the elderly and those with respiratory problems. Even a small area of damage invites predation by insects and as the area increases in size, it can provide a haven for unwanted wildlife.

O’Boyle’s Roof Plumbing provides roof repairs that saves money for clients and restores roofs. The company performs maintenance inspections that enable clients to identify problems and quickly address any roof issues before costly restorations are required, and the professionals can match any style and color.

About O’Boyles

O’Boyles Roof Plumbing is a leader in the roofing industry, providing Colorbond® steel roofing installations, roof repairs, interior and exterior gutter repairs and installations, along with services for tile roofing. The company offers a single resource for Australian roofing needs that meet all regulatory compliance and safety standards.

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