Risks of Using Unqualified Roof Plumbers

Plus, what you Need to Know About Compliance Certificates

If you’re thinking about hiring a roof plumber, then this is a must-read article for you. We’ll help you understand why compliance is essential and how to tell if a roof plumber is qualified.

certified roof plumbers

Compliance Certificates

What are they?

Compliance Certificates legally recognise that a roof plumbing job has been completed according to Victorian regulations and building standards. It is a legal requirement that you are entitled to receive from a qualified roof plumber once they have completed works on your premises.

Whether the roof plumber is completing a minor or major job, these certificates ensure that the homeowner has a record the work has been completed according to all relevant standards and codes. It offers peace of mind as well as legal recognition of the works. At O’Boyles, we are fully qualified roof plumbers and always issue a Compliance Certificate.

What roof plumbing jobs require a certificate?

Any job over the value of $750 should be issued with a Compliance Certificate. When calculating the value, materials, labour and GST are all included.

You should be issued with the Certificate within five days of the job being complete; however, most qualified roof plumbers are able to issue the Compliance Certificate immediately.

In addition to providing the homeowner with the Certificate, your roof plumber should also submit one to the Victorian Building Authority (VBA). You can also confirm whether your Certificate has been submitted via the VBA website.

Can anyone give a certificate?

No. Only qualified roof plumbers may issue these certificates. This is an important point as it highlights that only a qualified roof plumber can guarantee and record that works are completed to all Victorian standards.

What if my roof plumber says I don’t need one?

You should be cautious if a roof plumber says you do not need a Compliance Certificate. They may not be qualified, and your job may not be completed according to the standards that the VBA define.

Roof plumbers in Melbourne that do not issue Compliance Certificates or issue them fraudulently face harsh penalties, including fines in excess of $20,000.

What happens if my works aren’t completed by a qualified roof plumber?

All roof plumbing projects should be completed by a certified and qualified professional. A Compliance Certificate is the evidence you receive as a homeowner to recognise the quality and compliance of the work you paid for. It is also formally and legally recognised by the VBA.

If an unqualified roof plumber completes your roof plumbing project, there are various risks to consider:

–   Defects in the work could lead to damage.

–   Your roof may not be adequately repaired and cannot fulfil its purpose- to protect your home.

–   Water leaks may appear that lead to expensive repairs.

–   You have no formal or legal recognition of your expense.

–   You may be left with a more significant repair job than you started with – and you’ll have to pay for works twice!

Book a Professional Roof Plumber

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