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Melbourne Roof PlumberIf you have a head for heights, you might be tempted to work on your roof yourself. But the sensible money goes on hiring a professional roof plumber. And here’s why.

It’s more cost effective

By the time you add up the cost of numerous visits to Bunnings to pick up the right tool you need, and consider the missed opportunity of what you could have been doing instead, it makes sense to bring in a roof plumber. They’re trained to do the job and have access to cheaper, trade materials. They’ll get the right part and they’ll know how to install it. In our view, the question you should be asking is why wouldn’t you use a roof plumber?


Having decided to do the job yourself, you look up how to do it on YouTube. In all likelihood, there’ll be significant differences between what’s on your screen and what’s on your roof. At best you’ll be left making an educated guess at how to do the job. Get it right and there’s a chance you saved money (see above!) but get it wrong and the repair work could cost more than the original job. Engage a roof plumber and you’re entitled to expect quality workmanship, so you’ll have the peace of mind to know that the job has been done well.


In 2016, There were 41,000 people hospitalised after falling off ladders at home. And in industry, where the OH&S regulations are lengthy and specific, more than 7,000 people sustained injuries when falling from height – and these are people who do it for a living. Faced with those statistics, why would you risk it? A roof plumber has the training and equipment to manage the risks associated with working at height.


Let’s be honest, the job will take significantly less time if you have a professional roof plumber do it for you. They have the tools, training and knowledge to make short work of it.

A roof is worth taking care of

Your roof is an asset to your property. A poorly maintained roof can detract from the value of your property as it hints at a lack of care and future problems. Regular, professional maintenance will not only keep your roof looking good, it will prolong its life.

Why O’Boyles?

We have fully licensed plumbers on our team and they complete all their work to a high standard. Every job is covered by the Plumbing Industry Commissions Certificate of Compliance, and for a long time we have been members of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and the Master Plumbers Association (MPA). Not only do all of those mean we are experts at what we do, they give you confidence that our roof plumbers will deliver a quality service to you every time.

For more information about roof repairs or installation, call O’Boyles on 03 9998 2171

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