How long does it take to install a metal roof?

Most metal roof installations can be completed in a few days.

So you’ve made the decision to install a beautiful metal roof over your property. Or perhaps you’re still on the fence, so to speak, and want to know what sort of installation process you’re in for.

We’re here to help. While there is no ‘one size fits all’ timeframe for installing a metal roof, there is a definite step-by-step process. Understanding this process will help you make your final decision.

Metal roofing is a smart choice because it’s environmentally friendly and thermally efficient. It helps keep you cool in summer and cosy in winter. We wrote about how metal roofing can reduce your impact on the environment and cut your energy bills here, but if you’re already confident in your decision, then let’s cut to the chase.

From initial contact to service quote; roofing and guttering installation to goodbye handshake, here’s what you can expect when you install a metal roof.

Stage 1: Roof inspection and quote provided

At O’Boyles, once we receive a call requesting a free assessment and quote, we get straight onto it. We will:

  • Organise a date and time to meet you at your property or review your construction plans.
  • Inspect your roof, take the necessary measurements, and provide an estimate. Our roof inspections usually take 20-30 minutes, depending on the size of your house. In our experience, the average house is 150 square metres, so we can get out of your hair in less time than it takes your favourite TV show to air.
  • Send you a detailed quote via email within 36 hours. Our detailed quotes include advice on roofing material options, including profile and colour, and information about new guttering and downpipes to go with your metal roof if required.

Stage 2: Quote accepted and date confirmed

Now that we’ve got all the fiddly details out of the way, we’re eager to start installing your new metal roof. We:

  • Wait for confirmation from you that you wish to proceed with our quote. Once received, we take more measurements for roofing materials and order what’s needed (this takes a maximum of 1-2 hours).
  • Set a date for installation and confirm it in writing. Generally, this date will be within 2-6 weeks of us emailing you your detailed quote. Our Head Office is based in Diamond Creek, and we have tradespeople across the north, south, west and east of Melbourne.
  • Check if you want any extras done while we’re there, or if you need help with any aesthetic decisions regarding profile and colour.

Stage 3: Roof installation begins and ends

At O’Boyles, we take an individualised approach to each installation therefore completion time is dependent on the extent of work required – however, we work fast and efficiently. Most metal roof installations can be completed in a few days. We:

  • Check the roof battens and undertake any roof remedial works identified in Stage 1 before commencing installation. You will have been alerted to any problems in your detailed quote.
  • Install insulation as required, lay down the new metal roofing and secure it with flashings and cappings. This usually takes between 3-5 days, depending on the size and style of the house.
  • Clean up your property and leave it spotless before we go. This is a major point of pride at O’Boyles. We never want to leave you with a dirty home or huge pile of waste materials. We safely dispose of all waste materials for you and do our upmost to minimise any inconvenience or disruption to your comfort while we are working.

And that’s it!

As you can see, metal roofs are not only affordable but very convenient to install. At O’Boyles, we offer the best in Colorbond metal roofing and guttering installation, and have been fulfilling the roofing needs of homeowners throughout Melbourne and Victoria since 1989.

Whether you are interested in metal roofing for a brand new home or an upgrade to your existing home, we’ve got you covered. Our extensive range of roofing and roof plumbing services will suit any roofing needs that you may have.

Our other services include:

No matter what you need for your roof, we’ve got a solution for you.

For more information about our services or to talk about installing a new metal roof, call our friendly team on 03 9998 2170.

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