Does Colorbond fade & How long does Colorbond last?

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Colorbond roof deterioration - Does it fade?

How to minimise fading of your Colorbond roofing

The short answer to the question, “Does Colorbond fade?” is that yes, eventually it does. But the good news is that it’s still more colourfast than most other roofing materials and there are steps you can take to minimise how much your roofing fades.

How well do you maintain your Colorbond roof?

Like anything that is not given time and attention, your Colorbond roof will fade if not looked after properly. Old photos left in the sun will fade; old paint also fades. So whether or not your Colorbond fades over time will in part be answered by the amount of care you give to your roof. We will cover some basic roof maintenance tips below.

Does colorbond roofing fade?

How harsh the weather conditions are in your area?

When considering the longevity of Colorbond, another factor in play is how much UV light the roof is exposed to. Other extreme weather conditions such as hail may also play a part in the lifespan of your roofing. This is not something you can directly control. But what you can do is to take this point into account when choosing which Colorbond roofing hue to use.

The hue of Colorbond roofing chosen

The darkness or lightness of the Colorbond colour chosen for your roof will affect how much your Colorbond fades. Lighter hues of Colorbond roofing tend to fade the least. So, if you are aware that your roof will be exposed to a lot of harsh UV light, choose a lighter hue of Colorbond.

Colorbond Roof Maintenance Tips - How long does colorbond last?

Despite slight fading, Colorbond roofing is still extremely durable

Nothing lasts forever, and Colorbond is likely to be more colourfast than other materials. Colorbond roofing also has benefits over other materials used for roofs. Colorbond is:

  • Typically lasts for 60+ years
  • Low maintenance
  • Resistant to cracking, peeling or disintegration
  • Built to withstand harsher climates
  • Repels pests
  • Works easily with rainwater capture systems
  • Environmentally friendly, energy efficient and fully recyclable
  • Made in Australia, using Australian steel, for Australian homes
  • Suited to a wide range of house types, with a variety of colours available
  • Enables you to save money on home insurance

Does Colorbond fade? Roof maintenance tips to boost the appearance of your home

To help prevent fading of your Colorbond roofing, you need to do a few simple things. Many of these tasks can be DIY jobs. But you might like to engage professionals for greater safety and expertise on your roof. O’Boyles can complete a range of these roof maintenance and repair services for you. Then you don’t have to worry about a thing.

  1. Get regular inspections. Inspect your roof every 12 months for leaf matter build up and any other minor issues such as small leaks. Catching faults in roofs before they become significant problems will save you hassle and money. You can also hire roofing specialists like O’Boyles to help you. Their experienced and trained eye will be able to pick up potential problems earlier. They will also be able to check for a more detailed list of maintenance issues.
  2. Keep your gutters clean. You need to get your gutters cleaned at least once or twice per year. If your gutters are damaged, invest in getting them repaired. It will help the functioning and welfare of your Colorbond roofing. Gutter cleaning is vital if you have trees reaching over your roof. Leaf debris and scratching from limbs can cause damage to the metal finish of your roof.
  3. Avoid galvanic corrosion. Galvanic corrosion is when two incompatible metals touch, causing a corrosive chemical reaction. You can prevent this process by replacing flashings with the same metal as that used on your roof. Non-metallic, non-absorbent insulators or sealants can also be used to separate metals. 

These Colorbond roofing maintenance tips will keep your roof in excellent condition. And when asked the question, “does Colorbond fade?” you can reply, “not if I can help it!”.

If you would like to experience the benefits of a Colorbond roof, talk to the experts at O’Boyles on 03 9998 2171.

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