Damage A Storm Could Cause To Your Roof

Damage A Storm Could Cause To Your Roof

Extreme and sudden weather is something we’re used to here in Australia. In Melbourne especially, we’re known to experience four seasons in a day. That’s why it’s a good idea to assess your roof after sudden weather changes. Ensure to inspect your roof for damage and that your gutters aren’t blocked or punctured.

The damage and destruction left after a storm can be devastating, so it’s important to know the damage that different types of storms can leave in their wake. If you’re interested to learn more about roof maintenance and how to spot damage, contact the team at O’Boyles Roofing.

Damage A Storm Could Cause To Your Roof







The Eye Of The Storm Damage

Storm damage is the most common reason for rapid roof degrading. After a storm, check for these three things around your home:

  • Any leaks inside your home
  • Visible roof damage from the ground
  • Hail damage (holes, dents or shattered tiles)

Climbing onto your roof at any time can be dangerous, especially after a storm when it’s wet and slippery, and there is a higher risk of damage. We recommend contacting a roof plumber to properly inspect your roof if you think the storm may have damaged anything.

From the clashing weather that creates our thunder and electrical storms in our summers to the Antarctic winds that chill us to the bone during winter, we experience various storms throughout the year. The frequency and types of storms across Australia vary depending on season and state. Below we have listed some of the different kinds of storm damage your roof could experience;

Wind Damage

It’s no surprise that the landscape we have in Australia is susceptible to high wind speeds. But during storms, these high winds can pose a considerable threat to the stability of our homes.

Blowing off tiles, carrying debris, and uproot trees causing further damage. If we have missing tiles or shingles, our roof is more likely to be damaged and cause leaks inside the home.

In extreme cases, wind can rip the entire roof off or begin lifting it from the foundations. The air pressure around your home in high winds creates a pocket of high pressure that can rip holes in your home.

Hail Damage

Australians are no strangers to hail of all sizes. In late 2020, Queensland broke the record for biggest hail pieces – clocking in at a whopping 16cm diameter across the state. The larger the hail, the more speed it picks up and the more damage it creates on impact. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) stated these hail pieces had a velocity of over 100km as they fell.

Hail of this speed and size isn’t uncommon throughout Australia, and the damage they can cause leaves people financially recovering for years following. The hail storms we experience can break off and crack tiles, and create holes in your roof.

Rain Damage

Moisture can build due to heavy rain, seeping into your home and leaving behind foundational water damage. Even the tiniest leak can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Mould, mildew, moss, and moisture-seeking pests like termites are a huge risk of unchecked water damage. If left for a long time, your roof may rot, weakening the structural integrity of your home.

Electrical Damage

More common in the summer months, electric storms pose a huge risk to homes. If lightning strikes your roof, it can not only puncture a hole but can damage the roof structure. The wiring in your home is what is most at risk; if lightning strikes your roof and leaves a part of your structure exposed, it’s more likely to fry your electricity or start an electrical fire in your roof.

The Storm Has Passed – What Now?

We cannot control the effect storms have on our homes, but with regular inspections you can identify damage and prevent the further degradation of your roof. Whether you’ve experiencing a small leak or need a full roof replacement, the O’Boyles Roofing team can help.

After a storm has passed, contact one of our roof plumbers for a complete roof assessment. Your safety is essential after a storm; structural and foundational damage poses a threat to that safety. For more information about our roof plumbing and repair services, contact our team here.


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