Colorbond Vs Aluminium – Which is Better For Your Home?

colorbond roofing versus aluminium roofing

Make it simple to choose Colorbond or aluminium with this guide

Installing a roof is one of the big ticket items of your renovation or new home build. Of course, given that your roof protects your entire home, it makes sense to invest in the best roof money can buy on your budget. In Australia two of the most popular choices for new roof installations are Colorbond or aluminium.

Each material has its own set of benefits, making either option a great choice for the homeowner or builder. While some people want the colour range available in Colorbond, other people will want the budget-friendly choice of Aluminium. Which option you pick depends on what you want for your home, as well as your design, your construction, and your budget.

At O’Boyles Roofing we have over 30 years of experience in roof installation and roof plumbing. We are the roofing exerts and can advise you on what is the best material based on your job. We don’t have a cost-based agenda; we just want you to be happy with your roof for years to come.

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Colorbond vs aluminium

When comparing the two materials side by side you can see where each option is strong. We’ve also gone into more detail below about the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Colorbond roof             Aluminium roof
Pre-painted steel – can be heavy             Lightweight material
Strong with the hardness of zinc/aluminium alloy coat             Thicker gauge may be needed to match Colorbond’s strength
Light and flexible             Budget-friendly
Resistant to cracking, peeling and chipping             Corrosion resistant
Wide range of colours available             Comes in a range of colours

Colorbond roofing

This coated steel roof material has been gaining popularity among contractors and homeowners who are looking for a design choice with plenty of colour options and lasting performance. There are a range of advantages and disadvantages to choosing Colorbond for your home:



steel colorbond roofing

Aluminium roofing

An aluminium roof is a great choice due to its relative low cost and its energy efficiency. There are, of course, certain advantages and disadvantages with choosing aluminium for your new roof:



aluminium roofing

How to choose between Colorbond vs Aluminium

With this in mind then, how do you choose the right material for your home? If it comes down to cost for you, know that while Colorbond is a more expensive option you will be getting a durable product which will look great for years to come. Colorbond is designed and engineered in Australia and it is made to withstand the harsh climate here. All Colorbond roofing comes with a 25 year warranty which ensures that your roof will continue to be an asset for the life of your property. That said, aluminium is a durable and lasting option as well, which won’t corrode or cause problems down the line with the right installation.

Ultimately, it’s down to your personal preference. But we don’t expect you to make that decision alone! Call us to discuss what you have in mind. We are Melbourne’s roofing experts and we are here to design and deliver a solution that suits your home down to the ground.

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