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Designed and engineered in Australia, Colorbond® roofing is created to be as tough and resilient as the Australian environment. The steel roofing performs equally well in the heat of the country’s interior and the salt-laden winds of the coast. Highly durable, the roofing comes with a 25-year warranty.

Made & manufactured with Australian steel

First and foremost, Colorbond® is made and manufactured with Australian steel, by an Australian-owned company. The roofing has been extensively tested over many years in real-world conditions in Australia. First introduced in 1966 for residential roofs, the roofing has evolved over time to meet a wide variety of needs throughout the construction industry. A perennial favorite of homeowners, Colorbond® is used by numerous businesses and commercial structures, including the Velodrome in Adelaide.

Eco-friendly roofing optionsColorbond Roof Installers Melbourne

Eco-friendly options are an increasingly important element for home and business owners when choosing everything from appliances to roofing. Colorbond® is one of the most environmentally friendly roofing options in the world. It’s 100 percent recyclable and won’t take up space in landfills. The roofing’s thermal-efficient capabilities are able to reflect a large part of the sun’s rays, and this translates into cooler structures and savings for clients.

The unique steel roofing is lightweight, yet strong and resilient, and requires little maintenance throughout its life span. When a new roof eventually becomes necessary, in some instances the roofing can be recycled and repurposed without any additional processing, thereby saving on energy and resources.

The impressive palette available with Colorbond® features 22 unique colours inspired by the Australian landscape. Clients can choose colours that complement outbuildings, neighborhood preferences, or establish a colour theme for the home and surrounding property. Colorbond® gutters, downpipes and fascia are also available in multiple colours, allowing individuals to mix, match and coordinate the colour theme of their entire home or business.

Protecting over 50% of all new home in Australia

Colorbond® roofs are protecting almost 50 percent of all new homes in Australia and it’s quickly becoming the preferred roofing material for any structure that must endure weather extremes. It’s visually attractive, aesthetically pleasing and lasts for decades. Even more importantly, its thermally efficient properties help keep structures cooler in the summer for significant savings.

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