Colorbond Colour Schemes For Your Roof

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It is no surprise that steel roofs are the most common choice for roofing in Australia. Steel is the perfect product. It’s durable and versatile, and lends itself perfectly to Australia’s climate. Steel is fire resistant and rarely damaged by hail. But most of all, it looks magnificent.Colorbond Colour Schemes

Unlike roof tiles, metal roofs come in a number of shades. The Colorbond colour schemes available will lift the kerb appeal of your house and that’s one of the reasons why a new roof can add up to 40% to the value of your home.

How many colours are there to choose from?

Colorbond’s colour scheme has 22 colours – 14 contemporary and 8 classic. As the category name suggests, the classic colours tend to suit older style homes, whereas the contemporary colours can really add the wow factor to newer properties.

How to choose a colour

It’s a decision you’ll want to get right, after all beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Choose something that’s a bit out there and, whilst you might adore it yourself, you could be left in twenty years’ time wondering why your house won’t sell. Fortunately, part of the service O’Boyles offer is to help you through the minefield of Colorbond’s colour schemes and help you make that all-important decision.

What factors should I consider?

Whilst Colorbond roofing is thermally efficient, the colour you choose could save you in cooling costs, believe it or not. In the same way that darker clothes absorb more heat in the sun, so too to darker roofs. So opt for a lighter colour and you could have a positive impact on the cost of cooling your home over summer.

And then of course you should consider your surroundings. Those with seaside properties tend to opt for colours with a hint of blue to reflect their surroundings, whereas those in the city tend to have roofs that are understated and disappear into the background, and those in the country might opt for more colourful roofs to match the flora and fauna.

See Colourbond’s colour schemes in action

Each shade in Colorbond’s colour scheme is shown on our website and links to a picture of a property with that colour roof. Try it, it’s a good way to consider how others have taken advantage of the choice.

For more information about colorbond roofing or colorbond colour schemes, call O’Boyles on 03 9998 2171

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