Top tips cleaning gutters and downpipes

Our Expert Tips on Cleaning Gutters And Downpipes

Your gutters and downpipes are a crucial part of your roof structure. They’re there to redirect water away from the foundation of your home and limit the risk of water damage. If they’re overflowing or functioning improperly, you could find yourself spending a fortune on costly repairs. The best way to prevent an unwanted crisis is to regularly clean out and check your gutter system, ensuring everything is in working order and ready to handle ample rainfall.

Cleaning out gutters isn’t fun for anyone, but taking the time to do it well can make a world of difference. Continue reading to learn some of our top tips for effective gutter and downpipe cleaning!

This blog explains some of the simple steps you can be taking to ensure you properly clean out your gutter system. For personalised advice, contact our team at O’Boyles Roofing today.

Choose Your Preferred Tools

There are several easy ways to clean out your gutters, and none is better than another. One common method is to use a power hose, clearing out all debris and caked-on dirt in your gutter, and washing it down. While this can get stubborn dirt off with less effort, some people don’t enjoy how the water and debris can make a mess in your yard. For less clutter, another option is to attach a nozzle to your leafblower, clearing everything out by force of air, and avoiding any water falling down.

Of course, if you don’t like the idea of any debris falling down as you clean it out, you don’t need to use any power tools at all. Simply grab a ladder, some protective gloves, and a bucket to collect everything you clean out. It might take longer, but doing things the old-fashioned way means you can ensure it gets done right!

Flushing Them Out

Another expert tip for great gutter cleaning is a step that many people will miss altogether. The vast majority will clear out all the dirt and debris from their gutter system, and leave it at that. However, it’s important to check for any leaks or pooling issues that could still be prevalent. The best way to do this is to flush out your downpipes and gutters. Simply grab your hose and run some water through the system, checking to see if water is flowing properly. This is a wonderful opportunity to spot any potential issues before it’s too late and wash out any bits of dirt that you might have missed.

Cleaning at the Right Time

One tip that the average person might not know is that post-rain is the ideal time to clean out your gutters. Though it’s easy to assume that rainfall will have washed out the dirt for you, it’s actually the prime time to grab your ladder and get to work. A good fall of rain will make leaves and debris stick together. As it all clumps up, it’s going to become a lot easier for you to work your way through and remove all the build-up. So, next time your local area experiences a nice rainfall, take the opportunity to do some cleaning!

Safety is Key

Even if you’ve done it a hundred times before, you should never cut any corners when it comes to safety. Cleaning out your gutters often involves working from a height, and your own safety should always be a top priority. Never head up to clean your gutters if you’re feeling unwell, or if it’s an extremely windy day. Even a hot summer’s day can be a risk – it’s never good to risk heat exhaustion or burning yourself!

It’s always best to use a ladder with help nearby, making sure you have someone to spot you and help out in an emergency. Always keep three points on contact on the ladder, never leaning too far or creating unnecessary fall risks.

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Caring for your gutter is not something to be taken lightly. The best advice we can provide any homeowner is to clean thoroughly and regularly. Make a routine out of it! Take the time at least once a month to assess your gutters and downpipes, ensuring everything is in working order. Do it now before it’s too late. If you have any concerns about the function of your gutters or downpipes, reach out to an expert. At O’Boyles roofing, we’ve been providing unparalleled services to our local area for many years, and we’ll be glad to help out however we can. Contact us today for all your roofing needs.


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