Metal roofing types and trends to be on top of for 2017

Why homeowners are making the move to metal roofing.

We all like to make a good first impression and our home is no exception. Increasing the value of your home and improving the street appeal of your property begins on the outside. Your roof plays a significant role in your home’s appearance and its performance on the inside. When it comes to the roof over our head, homeowners are selecting a roofing material that appeals aesthetically but it must also perform on several fronts. In recent times, we’ve seen a significant shift in homeowners choosing metal roofing. It’s not hard to see why metal has become a material of choice for roof replacement and new home builds. The benefits include:

– Metal is lightweight and easy to install. This contributes to it being an affordable roofing option

– Metal’s durability is unmatched. It has a long life expectancy and is tested to withstand the harshest of weather conditions.

– A metal roof with its heat reflective qualities will improve your home’s energy efficiency.

– Metal is a sustainable choice due to its longevity and it’s recyclable.

– Metal is resistant to fire, dampness and pests.

– A metal roof is generally low maintenance.

Whilst the practical benefits of metal roofing are a factor in its growth in popularity, the extensive choice of metal roofing options has no doubt encouraged this shift. Some of the more popular options include:


shingle_roof_metal_article_imageThese are great if you want all the benefits of an affordable metal roof but the look and texture of a slate, cedar or tiled roof. Shingles are a popular choice for more traditional style homes, when you don’t want your roof to be too modern.


All the benefits of metal along with an extensive range of colours and styles to complement your other material and design choices. Think about how COLORBOND® steel creates consistency through fencing, guttering and roofing. Steel and steel combinations with various forms coating technology help to improve thermal efficiency of your home and provide anti-corrosion properties.


Its natural weathering process from exposure to the elements, from warm bronze and salmon pink to blue-grey-green patina, will make heads turn. It adds unique character to any style of home – contemporary or traditional. Your architect will love it, but this captivating curb appeal doesn’t come cheap. A copper roof will make it up to you though by increasing your home value – so consider it a capital investment.

How current roofing trends are influencing our move to metal.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

roof_of_metal_house_down_low_article_imageThere is a strong shift towards sustainable roofing materials and a metal roof can help you tick that box. We’re all looking to save on our energy bills and your roof plays a key role in your home’s energy efficiency. Many metal roofing materials are coated with heat reflective technology. Often called ‘cool roofs’, this technology helps to keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Metal’s durability outperforms its rivals, regardless of how harsh the weather conditions. Its unmatched longevity will reduce your overall footprint. Whilst you won’t need to replace your new steel roof again during your lifetime, it’s also unlikely to end up in landfill. Did we mention it’s fully recyclable? In fact, your new metal roof is likely to be made up with a percentage of recycled steel. In addition to this, a metal roof integrates well with the installation of solar panels. If you’re looking to green up your home, metal stands up on sustainability and efficiency.

Colour and Design Aesthetics

Homeowners are now taking more pride in the exterior design of their home than ever before. When selecting a type of roof, we’re taking into consideration a range of factors. Homeowners are design savvy. We’re coordinating our exterior feature colours including those of our fencing, guttering and roofing, with our landscaping, right down to plant choice. Our choice of roofing style and colour is being influenced by our metro, rural or coastal location. Rural residents are selecting a metal roof that blends in with their natural, rustic and earthy surrounds. Renovated beach houses are taking inspiration from the traditional white/grey colour palette of the Hamptons. Metal has come a long way since the limited galvanized look of the 70’s. The COLOURBOND® steel roofing range offers over 20 different colours to choose from. We’re no longer limited for choice when it comes to selecting a metal roof that will make your home stand out for the right reasons.

Thinking about your roof?

If you’re looking to improve your home’s street appeal and increase its value, replacing your roof is a simple and affordable way to do this with maximum impact. If you’d like to discuss your roofing options or if you’d like a quote on roof installation or replacement, please give us a call on 03 9998 2171.