4 Awesome Colorbond Colour Schemes

Choose from 22 Colorbond roof colours and make your own colour combination.

If you’re building or renovating your home, the colours you choose will be very important. The aesthetic you want for your home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make.

With so many Colorbond roof colours to choose from, it can be difficult to make a decision. Not only that, but Colorbond colour schemes which combine roofing, gutters, and fencing colours make your decision even more difficult.

Here are 4 terrific Colorbond colour schemes to get you started and give you some inspiration for your home.

2017-colorbond-combo-classic-main-support1. A modern twist on a classic

Roofing: Windspray

Guttering: Manor Red

Fencing: Domain

Windspray is a fairly traditional roof colour since it works well with many different Colorbond colour schemes. However, the Manor Red guttering adds a touch of brightness to the roofline for a more modern look.

Along with the Domain coloured fencing, which is also quite traditional, the splash of red guttering creates a modern twist on a classic colour scheme.

2017-colorbond-combo-forest-main-support2. Inspired by the landscape

Roofing: Pale Eucalypt

Guttering: Terrain

Fencing: Paperbark

Pale Eucalypt is one of the Colorbond roof colours which was inspired by the Australian landscape. Because of this, it looks especially good on homes surrounded by a lot of trees and greenery.

The combination of Pale Eucalypt roofing with other natural colours like Terrain for the guttering and Paperbark for fencing creates a very nature-inspired Colorbond colour scheme.

2017-colorbond-combo-beachside-main-support3. Escape to the beach

Roofing: Windspray

Guttering: Surfmist

Fencing: Basalt

Windspray is one of the classic Colorbond roof colours for beachside homes. The Australian coastline is a big part of our national identity, and there are many Colorbond Colours inspired by the beach.

Combining Windspray roofing, Surfmist gutters, and Basalt fencing creates the perfect Colorbond colour scheme for coastal homes.

2017-colorbond-combo-modern-main-support4. A monument to modernity

Roofing: Ironstone

Guttering: Monument

Fencing: Shale Grey

Colorbond colour schemes that include a lot of greys are perfect for modern and ultra-modern architecture.

Ironstone roofing, Monument gutters, and Shale Grey fencing work together perfectly to match modern architecture on houses and apartment buildings.

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